20 Volume Color Generator

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The 20 volume Color Generator product has been developed to work in conjunction with the following products:

CHI Blondest Blonde Ionic Crème Lightener

CHI Blondest Blonde Powder Lightener

  • CHI Permanent Shine Ionic Hair Color

The 20 volume Color Generator product is suitable for all dye-making techniques but is demanding and requires professional skills in its application, which requires an experienced dye practitioner.

When you use it with permanent hair color, the 20 volume Color Generator will provide 1-2 degrees of bleaching. It is a standard product for covering gray and white hair; however, you may require a more robust generator for more resistant hair types. Volume 20 of Color Generator should not be used as a developer for inks or other paints, especially when a natural hair base is desired.

You can use a 20-ml volume of the ColorGenerator product when you raise the hair color by one or two levels (the levels indicate the possibility of oxidation). For example, if more than half of your hair is gray, a 20-ml volume of the color generator can completely cover gray when used with a dye for your hair color.

For the hair root area, the size should be twenty milliliters only.


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