11W – Extra Light Warm Blonde plus

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Chi Iconic Shine Shades is a line of versatile color pigments that can be used alone or with Chi Iconic Cream for lasting shine. Chi Iconic Shine Shade is a liquid formula that is easy to blend and apply and can be used as a permanent or semi-permanent color. Chi shimmer shades deposit and correct color or completely change it, making them ideal for in-salon color services.
Benefits and features:
• Fluidity of the formula
• Versatility
• Easy to mix alone or with a cream formula
• PDS color system
• Contains silk
• Improves hair condition in general
• Works to renew the moisture condition in the hair during the dyeing service
• Adds radiance and shine and extends color life by 30% more than regular dyes
• Provides UV protection
Main ingredients:
• Ceramic, which provides maximum color penetration
• Silk contains 17 of the 19 amino acids found in hair
• Silk, which holds up to three times its weight in moisture
• Olive Oil and Brazil Nut Oil add moisture and improve color longevity
• Ammonia-free dye
What should be specified at the start
• Determine the natural color tone that you will start with
• Determine the degree of color that you want to obtain
• Determine the degree of dye that you want to obtain
• Determine the amount of dye you need

This item: 11W - Extra Light Warm Blonde plus
355.00 EGP
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How to Use :

How to Use :

For a successful coloring process at home:

1) Mix the color and oxygen with a 1:1 ratio.
(Add the same exact quantity of both materials)
2) Distribute the color evenly and make sure each strand is coated well.
3) Leave it on for 45-60 minutes. (After 60 minutes, it turns into a deep conditioning masque due to its ingredients of natural silk proteins and aloe vera).

Hair Washing Process:
Add a small amount of warm water and massage it gently into the hair to get an even color.
— For 5 minutes.

Then rinse
Gently rinse the hair with warm water for another 5 minutes.

Then wash the hair with shampoo & conditioner
– With an at home management line that is suitable for color treated her (such as CHI Rose Hip Oil)

Gently dry the hair with a towel – then apply a bit of a silk-infused serum suitable for your hair (such as Silk Infusion or BioSilk Silk Therapy Original)




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This item: 11W - Extra Light Warm Blonde plus
355.00 EGP
355.00 EGP
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