7W – Dark Warm Blonde

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Ceramic (Complete Oxidation)
•CHI ceramic provides maximum color penetration inside the hair
•Ceramic produces ionic charge (+/-) that will anchor the dyes deep inside the hair
•Adds radiance, shine, and longevity to color
•Complete oxidation of the dyes
Anti-Fade-Color Lock Complex
The combination of natural botanicals oils creates 30% longer lasting color. Antioxidants
help provide UV protection and blocks free radicals. Helps colors last longer and adds
essential moisture to the hair during color service.
Silk & Oil For unparalleled shine
•Contains 17 of the 19 amino acids found in hair
•Strengthens the hair
•Holds three times its weight in moisture
•Olive Oil and Brazilian Nut Oil adds moisture and improves color longevity
•Adds incredible shine and reflection
Aloe (moisture)
Aloe is known for its healing properties, added and ability to add moisture and shine to the hair

This item: 7W - Dark Warm Blonde
495.00 EGP
495.00 EGP
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How to Use :

How to Use :

For a successful coloring process at home:

1) Mix the color and oxygen with a 1:1 ratio.
(Add the same exact quantity of both materials)
2) Distribute the color evenly and make sure each strand is coated well.
3) Leave it on for 45-60 minutes. (After 60 minutes, it turns into a deep conditioning masque due to its ingredients of natural silk proteins and aloe vera).

Hair Washing Process:
Add a small amount of warm water and massage it gently into the hair to get an even color.
— For 5 minutes.

Then rinse
Gently rinse the hair with warm water for another 5 minutes.

Then wash the hair with shampoo & conditioner
– With an at home management line that is suitable for color treated her (such as CHI Rose Hip Oil)

Gently dry the hair with a towel – then apply a bit of a silk-infused serum suitable for your hair (such as Silk Infusion or BioSilk Silk Therapy Original)

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This item: 7W - Dark Warm Blonde
495.00 EGP
495.00 EGP
65.00 EGP